How to merge folders in Windows 7 easily?

In any OS version, probably you would try to cut all the files in one folder and paste them into another folder and delete the empty folder, if you want to have everything in a single folder rather than the two folders, but in Windows 7 or Vista, there is an easier way of doing the same. You won’t have to copy or cut any file from the folder.

windows 7 merge folders

If you have 2 folders with names F1 and F2, just rename F2 to F1 and then the computer would prompt you about the change. It would ask if you want to merge the folders into one, because there is going to be the same name for 2 folders. If you confirm, then all the files and sub-directories of one folder would be shifted to other, and the folders are merged.

Thanks to LifeHacker for the tip.


  1. nice. but i still prefer windows xp over 7

  2. i have 2 folders .both the folders have text files inside it. Folder no 1 have text files & Folder no 2 also has the same text files.. can u tell me how i can merge both the folders into 1. without getting the text files replaced.. plss help ..thankyou so much..

  3. Steve Hayes says:

    Even norton commander circa 1988 managed to allow you to option for newer files are preserved in the event of conflict. Be nice of MS ccaught up one day

  4. Jorru Offensus says:

    hey ^^ i was wondering if there was any way to do this faster…i have a lot of folders to merge

  5. Merging doesn’t always work. It keeps saying that it will take too much disk space, yeah if you duplicate the entire folder and don’t merge, seems it is calculating 100% of the source folder and assuming that 100% of it will be transfered during the merge, before actually looking to see if there are any duplicate files and subtracting that amount to find the actual disk space needed after everything is said and done.

    In other words if there was a bowl that can hold 10 pieces of fruit(5 apples and 5 oranges) and there are already 5 apples in the destination bowl and 1000 trillion trillion apples and 5 oranges in the source bowl and I am asked to merge the bowls of fruit but only transfer the 5 needed oranges I should be able to do this. But Windows 7 is saying but there is too much fruit and if I merge the destination bowl will be full, and I say no Windows 7 you were only supposed to transfer the oranges during the merge because thats what’s missing. See my point? I found a fatal flaw in file merging. Or the computer that’s supposed to be able to do millions of double precision floating point operations per second just got it’s butt handed to it by a lowly one or two flop human.

  6. Thats really a nice news as it avoids lot of confusion while searching the files , and i think this even may reduce the stress on the RAM and makes your devise run faster

  7. Fed up with MSoft - again says:

    Pretty crappy and useless when mergeing more than 4 files though.

    A real merge will involve thousands of files, and you have to nurse over all 5000 conflicts *because you cannot say – only overwrite if newer*. I mean what the hell!

    A complete shambles from Microsoft again.

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