Monitor Android phone performance on home screen – Mini Info Widget

Android phones have the task manager on the home screen which lets you know about the open applications, and the ones running in the background, also the memory, RAM being using by the applications. But the users need for info doesn’t usually end there. We always keep wondering where does all the RAM gets used when the applications are used. And one would love it if everything about the RAM, applications, battery etc. is available at a single place. The Mini Info widget lets you check every system information.

Features of the Mini Info Widget –
Battery status – The widget shows the percentage of battery available, and also whether the phone is being charged correctly or not connected to the charger. Pressing the battery section would open a panel that shows all the information about the battery which includes the charge status, the battery health, battery voltage, temperature, the technology and the time since the phone was last booted, which indirectly states the time since which battery is continuously running. The ‘usage’ section just beside the about section, provides info about the battery usage by various applications.

Memory status – The status of total and available disk spaces of both internal and external ones are also displayed on the widget. The internal memory status when selected, would lead you to the section where the installed applications and their files are present, and the external memory page lets you mount the SD card if you want to.

CPU and RAM stats – The widget displays the live CPU usage and the RAM usage, out of the total available RAM. In detail, they show the individual apps which eats up the RAM when running in the front or background.

Toolkit – You don’t need to go to the settings page now to change the various options to optimize the battery, or to switch the bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS on/off. And the widget also lets you change the volume strength and the brightness of the screen from there itself.

Customizable – While placing the widget, you can edit all the settings and customize the widget in all the aspects. The various data can be arranged and certain info sections can be removed or added. The color of the widget is also customizable.

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