My experience at TEDxHiTechCity event

I thought the event was for tech startups, which would come and advertise about themselves, and we would learn more about the concepts they use. That was because of my lack in interest to read the topics and about the speakers, ahead of the event. But still, being different and a collection of innovative ideas from various minds, the TEDxHiTechCity (TEDx) event was quite good with some ideas which, if get some support, would surely go ahead and make a good change in the system and help in the betterment of the society and the nation.
Some of the ideas were informative, some inspiring, some boring and some were outstanding!

tedx hitech city

I was there till the end of 3rd session, so would share my experience till there..
Session 1 started off with Smitha Madhav, a charming singer and dancer, who sparked off the session with Bharatanatyam dance explaining a small mythological story. It was surely strength-inducing (classical dances with expressions always are) as Smitha did her best.

Then it was Kanna Ramasubramanian, self-obsessed Microsoft employee who showed his home design, the home office setup and how he has utilized the technology to lead a life the way a geek should. It was impressive, but I found nothing that could really help people in it. It seemed more a self-promotion session than displaying the use of tech products. Have an area of 1000+ sq. yards to build a house for your small family? Then Kanna’s ideas can help you, or else you got nothing from the session!

The next session, by Prof. Dr. Balasubramanian (from L.V. Prasad Eye Institute) was where I could grasp some good knowledge, being a student from science field. Many those who woke up very early to reach the event, might be already drooling as they were from tech field, and what Prof. was explaining here was 100% biology, nothing else. It was about the Stem cell research and incorporation of the same in giving a vision to Visually handicapped people.

Mr. Mujeeb Khan next talked about BHUMI, a foundation started by him and 2 other guys, which now has many achievements and 13 guys handling this. Gave an idea on how leadership could uplift the communities.

Air Pollution, is a hard-hitting condition in the growing world. Mr. Sarath Guttikunda tried to show the ideas on how to take steps to control air pollution. Good ones, but Mr. Sarath, do you think those ideas would be implemented by you and your neighbors seriously? You can try to be efficient but gradually would end up being the same as others.

The day started getting boring already, but I was excited to listen to Nagesh Kukunoor who was in the next session, and also Karuna Gopal whom I had heard about, a person who talks a lot but nothing in it is non-inspiring.

Session 2 started with a name which I knew since I was in my school days, I had met him when I went for the auditions of Iqbal movie, the director Nagesh Kukunoor. The name of the topic was pretty interesting “Unexplored Zone” that makes you think. He started talking about his filmmaking, the challenges, and the way he used to display the character in the films. It was interesting to hear how Nagesh thinks about films, how he tries to understand what people want in the movies etc. and the next one which is directed by him is Ye Hausla.

The session got interesting from here when Karuna Gopal followed Nagesh, and she presented something that was really worth looking at, and thinking about. She focuses on the truth about Indian cities, and the vision to change it. The flyovers, metro rails in Delhi, the Bandra-World Sea Link in Mumbai are all examples of good infrastructure in a developing nation, but the same Delhi has people dying and jumping into manholes for water, where is the change or development seen then?
I always thought of the same point which Karuna said – 2500+ people died in 9/11 attacks in U.S. and we all keep talking about it. Did anyone wonder how many are killing themselves or are dying due to starvation and struggle for existence?
The vision for a better Hyderabad: Decongest the core area to enhance the quality of life and economically attractive without disturbing the character.
We never know how to help in betterment of the society as the government doesn’t show us how to. Her session was a real good one for everyone out there.

There were video presentations of how to achieve Success, by Richard St. John! The best inspirational points mentioned there.

Then it was Syed Maqbool Ahmed from University of Hyderabad, who talked about their mission to moon, using the Chandrayaan, team ISRO. Too much technical, went off the top of my head. I always hate math.

Deepak Menon then talked about how experience could define products, the changing and evolving world where newspapers and the basic music players from Sony are replaced by Internet and Apple iPod respectively. A video ad that he showed, was a good one to wrap up the 2nd session with a good note.

After the 2nd session, I really had high expectations for the 3rd one where we were expecting Sachin Ralhan who was to present a demo of an Android-based tablet PC, and he never showed up! But still a couple presentations in 3rd session were good.

The 3rd session started off with Dr. Neeraj Raj who presented something that could change the way of education for medical and dental education aspirants, to learn something than just being a quack and trying to earn with fake degrees. Hats off for the concept, the website and the topic you presented. It was directed to Digitize the medical education in India.

Sarath Chandra followed with something similar, talking on how the education system can be changed. How things can go far ahead than just the same teaching and learning from it. Children should learn by doing, not just seeing things around. I was quite impressed with it, but don’t think parents would agree with it. They always want their child to learn what teachers teach and deliver, not what the child’s brain thinks.

Prosenjit Ganguly brought in some awesome stuff, some real cool videos to talk about how experience is needed to change the things. A couple videos he showed were beautifully directed, animated and carried the best messages within! Loved the way he started off the presentation, and the way he carried on later.

The last one I heard before leaving the hall was the presentation by Kranti Kannan, who was to promote Walking. Another good eye-opener for everyone, which ended off with a quote: “Those who walk cannot decide and those who decide do not walk.”

Overall experience:
It was a good experience there to hear what people have in their minds, how they view the world and how they wish to change the society around them.


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