Mystic Emporium HD Game for iPad, iPhone – Review, Giveaway of 15 Licenses

If you got an iPad, you should be trying out those HD games which are meant to show what the iPad’s large and beautiful display is for! One of the games, which is meant for the teens, the young users is the Mystic Emporium HD game, which not only is addictive for the awesome graphic quality but also for the cute strategies it has got, for users to keep themselves involved in the game with the challenges they receive.

mystic emporium hd game ipad

The game is simple, when you see it from an angle of a pro gamer who has played a lot of fight games with tasks to kill a number of weapon loaded guys in a few minutes, because here you get the tasks, there is time limit but there is nothing like killing people. You are a shop owner, trying to sell things, cook for people and earn money and reach the targets given to you within the end of the day. Interesting? It was for me, as I played a very few task games. Addictive? It was, because each level and every next day, there is something new to play around with, something new to buy and make the shop bigger and more active. The screenshots of the game made me think it would be a lot confusing and hard to learn, but the instructions lasted for no more than a couple minutes, and it taught me everything easily.

Something one can learn from this game is the Time management, as you would be learning how one can multitask and get more productive, but that’s just a game. You are called with a name Lilly although you entered your name in the beginning. Here are a few things you would come across, while you are playing the game:

  • Get rewards for completing the orders that the customers give to you. You start off with an old shop by buying it from someone else, and from there you are taught on the daily work and targets, and once you complete the work well in time, you are rewarded for the same.
  • Ahead of just clicking and getting the work done, the little lady who you are right now, flicks her wand for making the potion and mixing up the magical ingredients. It’s all kiddish stuff but you still would like it.
  • You would come across strange creatures, through the plant with carvings which would produce giant seeds you would be selling in the later stages of the game.

40 levels finishes it all, but after playing the first 4 itself, I could see things being very far when we talk about 40 levels. There are different modes, different upgrades available to the material used, the pots etc. and you are going to manage different kinds of customers with their own needs. While the game progresses and you doing good, the game keeps giving you magic rewards and trophies to keep you involved and more interested.

There is a normal version of the game available too, for the smaller screens but what we reviewed is the HD version of the game, with the awesome clarity and graphics, mixing up of the various colors that won’t hurt the eyes. Size of 120MB can explain the graphic content used in the game, and it is compatible with the iOS version later than 3.2.

Mystic Emporium Game App Giveaway

We are giving away 15 total licenses of the Mystic Emporium Game, of which 5 are for the Mystic Emporium HD game and 10 are for the normal version (for the iPhone and iPod touch), thanks to the creators at 99Games. You need to follow the easy steps as given in the contest table below, and we would announce the winners on 15th December, 2011. You can enjoy the full game for free in your iOS device.

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