Nexus 7 Tablet Catches Fire while Charging – Leaves behind Toasted Metal

When people say you need to take care of yourself, and not leave the device unattended when you are charging it for a long time, they aren’t wrong. Here’s one more reason to prove that. You can’t blame yourself for what happens to the device though, because in this case the guy from China kept his Nexus 7 tablet for charging and then woke up to find the room full of smoke and the tablet combusted from within. Imagine yourself waiting for a launch of some device, and be one of the first batch of buyers who would expect a lot from it but in the end, see it totally combusted and you are not really responsible for it. You just kept the device for charging, and things happened.

Nexus 7 Burnt

As you can see in the pictures, the back part of the device which is rubberish, has melted and one can assume how much heat was generated for that to happen. The inner body is totally burnt, as if the device is thrown into some heat chamber. One can’t really make out what made the Nexus 7 to catch fire at that rate, and it could either be the faulty charge socket, or the battery which gave up after charging. The Nexus 7 tablet has been into the market and into many hands already but none of them reported any issues, but this sudden fire could bring a lot of interest from the negative side.

The blame cannot be on the user, because its a general suggestion given by the manufacturers and even by experts on various forums that a new device has to be charged fully for a few initial days, and that’s what this guy might have done. Asus did what it was supposed to do, take the burnt device and replace it with a new one. But that would keep the users cautious on what could happen if the Nexus 7 is overcharged.

asus nexus 7 burnt side

If you still are fine with what happened to someone, and think that the Asus Nexus 7 is worth buying, you can get it for just $229 on Amazon for the next 24 hours, better than the regular $250.

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