Nokia’s “Don’t Fight – Switch to the Nokia Lumia 920” Ad Video Campaign – Simply Brilliant

When it’s a couple new smartphones entering the market, the other brands don’t prefer to stay silent and out of the frame as that would dampen their sales by at least a small proportion. Nokia preferred to play around with the latest Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S4, and truly pointing out that the Samsung and Apple fans are always into a hassle boasting about their own smartphones. On one side, it’s Samsung messing up the S4 launch in India with the Gangnam Style S4 Style dance with actor Ranveer Singh, Apple is yet to come up with their next smartphone, but Nokia sees this as the right time to promote their best smartphone, the Lumia 920.

The entire church had people clicking the photographs of the wedding couple where the fight starts, and the few stuffs like the size of the Samsung Galaxy phones, the Autocorrect and Siri in the iPhone were at focus and there’s a fight between the two groups. Only two of the entire lot have got the Nokia Lumia 920, and they wonder why do they always fight, and they better should have got the Lumia 920.

Apple Fan

The Lumia 920 is the best Windows Phone smartphone from Nokia, while Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best from the competitor, which was launched recently and the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India is Rs. 41500, but frankly for us the Samsung smartphone provides a lot more than what the Nokia 920 is all about, and Nokia was portrayed on the entire web earlier for modifying the pictures and simulating them in the ads rather than showing the original results, thus the trust factor is always different.

In a comparison between the three smartphones with the different OS in them, the Galaxy S4 has got a 13-megapixel camera, and HD screen with 1080p resolution and an Octa-core processor, while none of them are seen in both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920. But why a fight for all that? You have the features for your own use, right! And as we speak about the awesome features that the Galaxy S4 has, one has to wonder whether we really take advantage of those features? do we really see the difference in the quality of the screen as a normal user? do we need an octa-core processor for the level of multitasking we do on the phone?

Well played, Nokia. The ad does look neat and well made to show the current day fan base, but a question does rise in the minds of a neutral fan like me – In such a lot of hundreds of people, only two of them have a Lumia 920? the market sales are so dull for you?

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