Nokia Ovi Suite – Sync Nokia mobiles – Photos, Contacts, Videos, Music

Nokia has recently launched the Ovi Suite 2.0 which can be called the successor for Nokia PC Suite and N-series suite and this software can be used to sync Nokia mobile phones with your Windows running computer.

nokia ovi suite

Nokia users have been using several softwares to send photos, videos and sync contacts with the computer but this software replaces everything in a single one. You can upload photos apart from every other feature listed below –

  • The Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 is a user-friendly, and a faster version of Nokia PC Suite.
  • Move messages, contacts, photos, music and video between the computer and the phone.
  • Backup every data in the phone, and restore it when you lose any.
  • Keep updated with the latest software.
  • Nokia Ovi account where you can share the uploaded photos and videos with family & friends.

Once you install the Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0, it will automatically replace the Nokia PC suite or any other earlier version of the Ovi Suite. Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 supports over 100 different Nokia S60 and S40 devices with more being added all the time. It should work on all Nokia devices based on S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition, or S40 6.1 or newer.

nokia ovi suite n97

The Ovi Suite is not available for Mac, but for Windows you can find it working with Windows Vista SP1 or newer and Windows XP SP2 or newer. Its an 82MB installation file, and before installation, its better to take the backup of all the data in the phone memory card too.
If you have any purchased apps, the backedup data can be restored back after the installation of the Ovi Suite to keep the apps safe and working.

You can download the Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 from here.

Check the introductory video to know a bit about the Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 –


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