Official Twitter 101 Guide to learn Twitter basics

Twitter, the social network and microblogging site has released the official Twitter 101 Guide for normal people and businesses. Its a very perfect guide from Twitter which explains people from A to Z about using, building network and fluorishing your business with Twitter.

Here is what all Twitter explains in the 101 Guide for people:

  • Introduction and Brief history on twitter
  • Explaining how businesses use twitter
  • How to get started with twitter
  • How to get into conversations, and totally involved
  • Best practices and ways to use twitter
  • Case studies

twitter 101

In the guide it is pretty well explained about how people and businesses use twitter, track keywords and people, build clients and get feedback from people.
Twitter has been, and will become a big platform for people to comunicate with any company to give feedback, or any support. There are many companies which currently hold a great follower base on twitter, and they track every tweet about them and respond to people who complaint or appreciate their services.

In the case studies, there is a big list of companies like Dell Outlet, Tasti D lite, Coffee Groundz etc. which are well explained and stated as examples which have made Twitter as the main platform to build customers, and provide support, promote their company etc. In the mere 140-characters, there is a lot a company can do to provide the best response to the clients, and the same can help in building relationships. Twitter has been a big way of communication for people and companies.

The Twitter 101 Guide includes a section of Dive-in to get started which include the following sections:

  • Sign up
  • Fill out your info
  • Find highly relevant people and companies to follow
  • Post your first message

The best part to read is the case studies, where inspiration can be gained by reading about the various companies which have reached the next level using Twitter.

You can checkout the Twitter 101 Guide from here.


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