OnyX application for Mac – Verify your Startup Disk

If you are one of the people out there that like to monitor your computer, and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Then you will like the application OnyX. OnyX allows you to monitor your start up disk; this means you can configure some files, look at files and run some tasks to the start up disk and other Mac applications.
onyx mac
Right now, OnyX is one of the most popular applications downloaded for the Mac. You may ask yourself, why? Well that is because, by monitoring your computer, you can actually extend the performance, and life of your computer. It is kind of like a maid, but only for your computer.

The main reason on why you should download OnyX, is because this program allows you to run miscellaneous tasks on your start up disk, these tasks range anywhere from system maintenance, to custom configuration to things such as the Doc, Finder, and other start up applications that are on your Mac.

The cool thing about OnyX is that it has excellent backwards compatibly. This means that if you do not have the current OS version Leopard, you have something like Tiger, Panther or even Jaguar, you can still use it. So maybe your computer is five years old, and you want to help bring it back to life. OnyX is a great application for just that.

I recommend this application for everyone. If you want to expand the life, the performance and health of your computer, you need this application. Sure there are other ways to do all three of these tasks, but OnyX is all in one, and makes it extremely easy.

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