[Android Apps] Best Paid Medical, Health and Fitness Apps Worth the Money

Health and fitness are the most important part of the life of all. If you are not fit enough and healthy you cannot do any of your work efficiently and which will only cause you lose of money or even your job. Today’s hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow us to keep our self fully fit or assistance in any case of emergency. To conquer all the above problems, smartphones today have some apps for us to assist us in any emergency. These apps are best to provide the services about first aid and instant help. Below are the few apps which I think could be used for the above purposes.

ICE: In Case of Emergency – US $3.99 / INR 220

In Case of Emergency App

Emergency conditions come without knocking the door; I can’t take medicines and injections with me all the time to fight against these medical emergencies. So here it is, this app ICE which helps me in every emergency condition to me or to my known at any awkward time. I find many primary suggestions of medicines and treatments on this app for any kind of human diseases like fever, high blood pressure, sudden faint and others as well. I do not recommend this as a full and final treatment but surely you can make the patient feel better before you take them to the hospital for further diagnosis and the treatment planning.

Purchase the ICE App from Google Play Store: Link

Muscle Trigger Point Anatomy – US $3 / INR 165

Muscle Trigger Point Anatomy

I’ve watched many times on TV that there are certain points on the human body on pressing them my body’s blood circulation and fitness could be better. Now, really I don’t have time to go to some classes and learn about these points. But knowing those points will surely keep me fit. This Muscle Trigger Point app tells me about more than 1000 points on my body pressing which not only my pain of stiffness of that point will go in vain but I’ll be fit and fine for my daily hectic schedule. I find this app very much helpful and I strongly recommend this my readers who are suffering from stiffness of muscles after spending 8-10 hours on a not so comfortable chair in their cubicles. This app is not just for the massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors but also for the normal individuals keen to learn more.

Purchase the Muscle Trigger Point App from Google Play Store: Link

SleepStats – US $1.25 / INR 69.99


Sleeping is the most important thing of everyday life, If not sleeping enough at home than I’ll be sleeping during my office hours for sure. But it’s very hard for me keep the record of my daily sleep hours and also the position of sleeping which affects my health a lot. I found a solution for it now, with SleepStats app installed in my android smartphone I’m totally tension free from remembering this sleepy data of my own. This app does all for me and also provides me the solution of my sleeping problems as well. Keeping an eye on its data will help be completing my much needed sleep on weekly or fortnight basis. So all the less sleepy folks get ready to take some sleep and don’t worry it has a smart alarm also to wake you up on time.

Purchase the SleepStats App from Google Play Store: Link

Runtastic PRO – US $5.00 / INR 300

Runtastic Pro

It was very hard for me to keep all the data like how much I run, at what speed, in how much time and many more during my workout. When I started using this app naming Runtastic PRO I’m free from keeping all those data but has all of that to know that yes I’m reaching my goals of exercise in correct manners. If anything wrong this app told me about that also with a suggestion so that I shouldn’t do anything wrong with wrong with my body during my work out session. A few features of the Runtastic Pro app include:

  • Voice feedback during your workout
  • Live Tracking
  • Cheering from Friends for motivation
  • Autopause
  • Earth View
  • Heart Rate Training and Analysis
  • Routes
  • Pace Goals

Purchase the Runtastic Pro from Google Play Store: Link

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