Pay as You Go broadband deals outnumbers Contract deals

The leading broadband comparison site Broadband Expert UK (, stated in the last quarter of 2009 that for the first time, the number of consumers preferring to Pay as You Go mobile broadband have surpassed the number of consumers with the monthly contracts.
This was the first time ever where more than 50%, i.e. 53% exactly opted with the Pay as You Go deal, and 47% consumers fixed with the contract deals.

The commercial director of Broadband Expert, Rob Webber stated that the trend of paying for what is being used, is going to continue and the number of consumers and these sales have risen sharply since the end of 2008 and the customers are inclined to pay for the broadband that they use, rather than sticking to the lengthier plans and ending up paying high.
According to him, the Prepaid mobile broadband would work well for people who would not be able to afford higher plans, and who would not be getting the credits; i.e. the under 18’s or the very old people.

Something similar was seen in the T-mobile, where the last 3 months saw an increasing number of consumers with pay-per-day plans rather than the monthly contracts. The prepaid mobile broadband deals have occupied 20% of total sales and has been increasing at 10% of itself every month now. The monthly contract deals have stabilized and no rise in the number of sales in this category is seen.

The shift to Pay as You Go plan was also confirmed by GfK Retail & Technology, a market research company which confirmed 63% of consumers to go prepaid in September, 2009.



  1. Pay as You Go plan rocks!

  2. I once had to pay $175 to get out of a contract and will never do that again. Pay as you go is awesome and nowadays, you have so many options. For me, I went with Net10 and never looked back 🙂

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