Paypal alternatives to carry out online transactions!

Paypal is always full of scammers, and along with that, there is no good customer service where users can get some real help from the paypal team. Lately, Indians have been hit hard by Paypal after the sudden stoppage on personal payments, and blocking withdrawals to bank accounts, all of a sudden.

At this point, one would try to search for something that is similar to Paypal and has lesser issues! Here are a few other alternatives –

  • Google Checkout – Free to use, and free to sign-up. You just need to just link your credit card and use the GCO option to carry out online shopping etc. Its still not used with eBay shopping site but can be used in many other ways.
  • 2Checkout – has a one-time setup fee of $49.00 and takes a 5.5% commission plus $0.45 for each sale. It processes credit cards and checks while monitoring for fraud and ensuring data security.
  • Moneybookers – Receiving money is free and sending money is 1% of the total amount sent (person-to-person). Withdrawing funds can be done by check or directly to your bank account. More flexibility for both buyers and sellers.
  • AlertPay – A free-to-use online processor available internationally, with minimal fees for sending and receiving payments, and used by many shopping portals as a payment gateway. 2.5% per transaction is the fee.
  • Digital River – An e-commerce solution. It has no up-front cost and won’t charge until the first sale. Then, its fee is based on performance, beginning at 2.9% plus a $1.00 transaction fee.

These are pretty good alternatives, but why aren’t they still running well? Only because other continents have Paypal as the best one. Paypal customer service has never been supportive but its easier to use and carry on transactions, and that’s what people look for. Hope there is some serious alternative that comes out to challenge Paypal and works in the best user-friendly way.

Paypal on twitter is there to help customers solve the problems but it would have been good if there were less complaints to handle. The number of people complaining is not easy to handle, so is the bad customer care.


  1. Apart from what you mentioned, I use escrow to carry out the most secured and best way for transferring large amounts of money. It takes around a couple weeks of time but everything is carried out well. I would then stick to paypal for any other small transaction though it has many scams but that’s not the fault of the company or the interface. It’s the scammers.

  2. PayPal is one of the biggest bandits on the web. They charge fees for every single step you make. I hate eBay because I mostly have to pay with PayPal there. It takes so long to transfer the money from your bank account to PayPal and then these charges! No, thank you. I’ve started using prepaid cards where I could but eBay was the only place where I had to use PayPal but I quit after the last purchase which turned out to be much more expensive as I’ve expected.
    For example prepaid cards like Paysafecard have no hidden charges and are available almost everywhere in UK. I use it for the online games I play and Skype but I wish I could do more.

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