Paypal on twitter to solve account issues

Paypal which is the online payment gateway choice for most of the webmasters and shopping sites, but has been into talks always due to the problems that customers, or the account holders have faced. It keeps on limiting paypal accounts due to one of many reasons and there are many other issues too, and finally after many other online brands have stepped into the twitter world to help their customers, Paypal also has taken the similar step.

Paypal support team now is on twitter! To share the changes they make, news and also to solve problems of the customers.
I had asked a couple questions when they were new on twitter, about the withdrawal into bank etc. and they were pretty best online casino good with the answer and pretty quick.
But some have as usual seen problems while contacting them. A few customers have seen response after a week during which the damage to the account might already have been caused. The bio of the AskPaypal account says –
We’re here to assist with your questions Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm CST.
But I see them online most of the other times too.

askpaypal twitter

Here are a few official accounts of the Paypal team –
@AskPaypal – This account usually finds people who talk about Paypal and asks for the problem and tries to solve it. One of my friends got good help from them but it took more than a week for the twitter team to respond, and till then the issue became more pronounced. Anyways many have found good help from the team, so worth trying out when you are facing out any problem with the paypal account.

@Paypal – This account specially is used to share the latest news about the changes in the paypal system, and any other announcements to be made officially.

Other few accounts of paypal include – @PayPalDevTalk @PayPalX and @PayPalShopping


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