PDF reader and Note-taker for Mac – Skim

skim mac appThis is a free PDF reader and note-taker application for Mac OS X. Printing everything just takes off your time, skimming is the best. And its so called Skim. And this software has not a single function, and here is the list of features available with it –

  • Viewing PDFs.
  • Adding and best online casino editing notes.
  • Highlighting important text.
  • Making “snapshots” for easy reference.
  • Navigation using table of contents or thumbnails.
  • View all your notes and highlights.
  • Convenient reading in full screen.
  • Giving powerful presentations.
  • Handy preview of internal links.
  • Focus using a reading bar
  • Magnification tool
  • Smart cropping tools
  • Extensive AppleScript support
  • Bookmarks
  • Saving passwords in Keychain
  • Export notes as text
  • Automatic download of remote PDFs
  • Support for Apple Remote Control
  • Interaction with LaTeX and PDFSync
  • Integration with BibDesk
  • Spotlight support
  • Highly customizable

The minimum requirement is the Mac Tiger version, under which it won”t be able to install the application.
Download the Skim pdf reader application from here.


  1. Sounds like a great application. Maybe if I win that Macbook Air from Shoemoney’s contest I’ll be using this. 😉

  2. @QuickPWN, yeah if you win you can use it.

  3. I am using Pc but in my university, there are Macs in our classes, so I am downloading it 😉

  4. Looks useful, I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing it with us 😉

  5. @Downloadic so nice of your uni having Macs in class

  6. God Damn,

    I dont have a mac.. can somebody please donate me one

  7. @Amar I don’t have Mac too.

  8. @QuickPWN: whoever that one, he’s so lucky.

  9. @BM I agree with you.

  10. @Downloadic: We don’t have Macs in our school, too bad.

  11. @BM I don’t have MAC in school as well.

  12. @Sherry: You’re still studying?

  13. Actually it’s our semestral break now.

  14. I thought you’re not studying.

  15. Because your Digg profile says you’re 28 years old.

  16. @BM no, I mean to say is the past not now ;(

  17. What course are you taking?

  18. the college and university here are stingy. Most students bring their own. If you are poor like me, back then I have to write on notepad.

  19. Well that’s an evidence Mac is not so popular.

  20. @BM what course are you taking? Are you plan to buy MAC?

  21. @Sherry: that’s the case for most asian countries.

  22. I just take 4 subjects.

  23. i’m a 3rd year irregular student.

  24. But I’m planning to shift course next year.

  25. I want to be a nurse actually, because we have many relatives abroad that take the same course.

  26. I want to work and live in the US too.

  27. @BM you have a nice dream, I am sure you can achieve it. Who knows you might be lucky to study in U.S and using MAC too.

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