Perfect way to unlock Apple iPhone 3G

Note – Check the Tutorials here to see all the ways you can unlock the iPhone 3G mobile. The below article is a review of an unlocking service.

It was months back when the 2G or the normal iPhone was into the world, and i had shared a website which unlocks the iPhone and it was being done well.
But as of people reports, there were problems in unlocking the new iPhone 3G as every service would not be activated with some softwares that are used to unlock the 3G device.

iphone 3gAnd not all networks could be activated with Apple iPhone 3G when some softwares are used, except the one which am sharing here. Or we can say, you won’t be seeing a “Full Unlock iPhone 3G” with any software that you see on the web.

Some SIM solutions like X-sim, turbosim etc. have been there been tested with the phone’s service and most of them work, but not fully with every service included. With this iPhone unlocking software, you would see some features like –

  • FULL Unlock for Any Network! Worldwide.
  • Working 3G Datanetwork and GPS
  • Very Easy unlock, no knowledge required.
  • 100% Working, 100% Reliable, 100% Safe
  • This is the ONLY unlock for the 3G that works.
  • No Signal Loss like other Unlocks available.

Unlocking your iPhone 3G model won’t require full jailbreaking of the phone. The SIM will work with both new iPhones and older iPhones that have been software unlocked/jailbroken before.

Here is in-short information on how the system works
A very thin sim card called “Piggy back SIM” that slides over the SIM card which you want to use in the 3G phone. The Sim basicly fools the iPhone into thinking that the original SIMcard is inserted into the iPhone. This then allows you to use any SIM card without any problem.

Some advantages of this service –

  • Lifetime Membership comes with Full Support! The service works closely with the leading iPhone unlocking teams bringing you the best and latest knowledge.
  • Get access to unique collections of premium iPhone Wallpapers! Free with your membership.
  • Supports many languages and many country currency options.
  • Direct Acess to our Member Area after you Pay securely with PayPal. You can Instantly access and download after purchase. and have your iPhone unlocked within 3 minutes!

The service costs $49 for U.S. citizens and when checked for India, it costs around Rs. 2300 for the complete unlock with lifetime support. Isn’t at all a big price if you want to have an easy and guaranteed way to full unlock iPhone 3G. But if you want to have a cheaper option, you won’t be left away. The price of $37.95 is also there for only the SIM and instructions, with no lifetime support. Isn’t it better to spend $12 extra and get access for lifetime?

Options for payment – Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Phone and Check.

Some networks that were tested and successfully run with this Apple iPhone 3G unlocking service are listed here and the list is very big so could not share here. Almost all the SIM networks are working fine with it.

Check out this video which shows the full working demo of the service –

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  1. I have once seen something similar before too. And this time i think i would try that website when my iPhone arrives from U.S. through a friend.

    Thanks chetan.

  2. hmmm…sounds interesting.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Yeah really cool can use this software to unlock iPhones for a really low price.

  4. Thank you for the share…..

  5. That was pretty interesting one
    Hope it keeps working


  6. great..

    i will try them out 🙂

  7. This is great! Thanks for sharing it’s truly amazing

  8. had thought to buy an iphone as the pricing was said around $200

    but after the launch here .. many were shocked with the high price and dropped the idea of purchasing it … i think including u too ..hehe

  9. @Puneet: I am going to get one from Europe through a friend and would just order this unlocking service. That’s the coolest thing i can do to spend lesser than the original price in India.

  10. The phone here when newly launch expensive after sometimes the price will goes down. Even it goes down not much different. If you buy the phone here then you want sell it off its not worth at all.

  11. Why do they lock phones in the first place?

  12. Chetan are you sure that what this site offers is really useful and is helpful in unlocking all the features of the iPhone, and is there 3G network available in India??
    Thanks in advance,

  13. @Varun: 3G is not yet available in India, but the other all services for iPhone which are seen in the other countries would be activated in India through this software.

  14. But i think that the 3G feature of the phone is what is best in this phone, otherwise without the internet this phone is like a dummy.

  15. I am from Turkey, and iPhone is came to our Country about months ago. I may buy it soon.

  16. iPhone is nice but I prefer to buy a notebook/laptop.

  17. the newest no cut sim

    hi,friend,i’am from china. we are manufactorer of the 3g iphone unlock cards with good quality and low price.Please contact me to know details.

    I look forward to see your reply,hope to do business with you!


  18. @downloadic

    how much is it for in your country??

    and all the best for the new iphone

  19. this is not only looks great but price is great too.

  20. @sherry

    LOL… that is so damn true

    Great phone with Extra great price…


  21. hi guys,
    I bought recently an 3G iphone in India with Airtel.I would like to change the network to BSNL. If so what is the best way to do it and will i be able to access GPRS connection. What problems will i face after i unlock my phone. lastly Iam frequent traveller to abroad to different countries will i be able to use those Sim in abroad after i unlock my phone.Plzzzzzzz answer my q’s

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