The Best Polite, Funny and Serious Answers by Siri on iPhone 4S

The iPhone Siri is adorable. Though we feel that the programmed tool by Apple that does a lot of things for you on the iPhone, like sending text messages, connecting a call, updating your Facebook status, sending tweets, finding locations in Maps and a lot more, Siri has something what call sense-of-humor and that makes it a lot more interesting with people asking weird questions and as expected, the answers would be in a way that would please the users. The Siri is available for the iPhone 4S, and this can be one of the main reasons for the 4 million iPhone 4S sales in just one weekend.

We collected various conversations of users with Siri, from different places and most of them were funny, making one more tempted to try out the virtual assistant and have a chat with it –

Talk about being Fat, Siri doesn’t like it. She would call you fat instead! Someone shared that on Instagram.

siri are you fat iphone

Siri says iPhone is the best, but still unsure about that! Source: Instagram

siri best phone iphone

Siri is very much satisfied from life.

siri start a band

Ask Siri for a Drug store, it would help you quit Drug addiction. Unnecessary but too generous eh?

siri drug addiction treatment

Siri doesn’t call an ambulance, but would instead call you with the name An Ambulance. Remember to stay away from Siri during emergencies!

call me an ambulance siri

The ultimate Woodchuck chuck question, answered in 2 ways.

woochuck chuck question siri

One more answer for something similar:
You: “How much wood would a woodchuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
Siri: “42 cords of wood, to be exact. Everyone knows that.”

Siri declares you have a mental health problem. Why not? Is it Jesus for you to confess or ask about killing people?

siri mental health agencies find

Who said Siri is a nice assistant. It accepts it isn’t nice.

siri accepts not nice

Siri doesn’t know who Steve Jobs is!! The assistant is really good for nothing!

siri steve jobs

Siri answers “What are you wearing”, one in an intelligent way, and other in a non-polite way.

siri what are you wearing question siri what are you wearing

Now, talk to Siri like a human.. say I Love You, and you would see it answering very politely.

siri talks like human

List would be updated as and when Siri keeps entertaining us with more funny responses to the questions. As of now, Siri can be seen only in the iPhone 4S but later the iPhone 4 users might be able to use Siri once the iPhone 4S is jailbroken. And Siri, does need the network connection, and sometimes if it doesn’t respond well, here is how to fix the Siri network issue.


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