How to Remove a Favorite iPhone Contact

iPhone with No Limit to the number of contacts one can store on their Phone is going to be one big pain to search through all the contacts dial the number or search for numbers which you frequently call.

So there is an option in contacts which allows you to select numbers which you call frequently on a daily basis and save them as Favorites. (Note: Favorites are numbers saved separately and deleting them wont delete the original saved number)

How to Add Number to Favorites:

  1. Go to Contacts on your iPhone, then search for the number which you want to tag as Favorite.
  2. Select that number, which will lead to the the Contact Info page.
  3. Here you will be seeing 3 options below the contact Name, Number and Ringtone options.
  4. you have to select the option on the Right – Add to Favorites
  5. This will Add your contact to favorites list and there will be a star beside your Contact Number.
  6. OR You can go to the Favorite page and press the ‘+’ button on the Right side Top of the Page and select the number which you want to add to your Favorite list.

How to Remove a Favorite iPhone Contact:

  1. Tap on the Phone icon on your Home screen.
  2. Which will take you to the keypad to type a number to make a call. You will be seeing 5 options at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the Left most Options which is Favorites (designated by a star)
  4. Now you will be seeing your Favorites, on the right side top of the page you will be seeing Edit Button.
  5. Press the Edit button and you will be seeing Red color symbols to the left of your Favorite contacts.
  6. Press on the Red Symbol beside any number which you want to remove from the favorite list. This will show a Delete button on the right ride of your contact.
  7. Press the Delete Button and you will see that your number disappears from the favorite list.


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