How to remove/hide Google buzz from Gmail zone

Google Buzz launched one day back, and most of us got it in the gmail inbox already. Its more like friendfeed for conversations than twitter or any other service. It was a pretty good one in the iPhone but didn’t impress me much in Gmail. I check my mail box to see any new mails, not to read stories and shared items. There are feed readers for that.

I got Google buzz last night, and was following just 17 people. Only 17 people could post 58 updates?? Its because buzz allows to post all the items from your Google reader into your buzz account, and that shared with everyone would spam them! That’s too much to read, as Mashable’s couple shares there have hundreds of comments and going through everything would take more than couple hours! I better say bye to it and stick to my networks like Twitter, Friendfeed, Techmeme for the latest updates.

Thanks to Google, there are a couple ways to get rid of Google buzz, temporarily or permanently! Here is how –

Go to Gmail settings, the right top side link.
google buzz disable settings

In the settings page, go to the Labels tab. That’s where all the label settings are visible. And in that, the top most option is to hide/show the Google buzz tab. According to what I saw in an hour difference, the label just gets hidden with that option but Google buzz still keeps running and updating in the background.
google buzz hide option

If you totally want to get rid of it, then there is an option to turn off Google Buzz. Just scroll down to the bottom of the gmail page, and you will find the option to turn it off.
turn off google buzz

If you have got any other ways or tricks to share, do post in comments!

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