[How to] Request Money / Payment on Paypal – Edit, Send Reminder

Requesting money or payment on Paypal isn’t a hard task but your client isn’t going to get it and you ultimately won’t receive the payment unless the request is sent in the right way. Many of my clients prefer to have a paypal payment request sent from my side, which makes it easier for them to pay and also it would seem more authentic as they would actually know that it was me sending the payment request after the interaction. So, here’s the tip on how one can request money on Paypal:

  • Login to your Paypal Account.
    Note: You need to have the account setup with all the verification done with the Credit card, and the have a bank account added so that the money gets automatically withdrawn from your account.
  • In your Paypal account, the top menu will have the different options, including “My Account”, “Send Payment” and the 3rd link “Request Payment”. Click on the Request Payment link and it would take you to the payment request section. In this, you would see two major options – Request Money, Create an Invoice. Click on the first option “Request Money” to send the payment request.

Paypal Account Request Money

The payment can be requested from an Indian user to any International buyer, but the payment from an Indian cannot be requested to an Indian customer as Paypal restricts the payment sending between Indian Paypal accounts. Fill in the details, i.e. the email address of the paypal account, the amount, reason for request – Goods / Service.

Request Payment Details 2

Review the payment request, and if you wanted to add any details it would be sent as an email to the recipient so you can add the Subject and Message lines. After it’s reviewed, you can click on “Request Money” to process the request.

Paypal Review Request 3

Once the request is sent, you would be notified about that through email and even the recipient would be mailed about the same payment request.

Paypal Request Sent

When you go into the history of your account, you would see the details by clicking on the payment request in the list. The details would show the email address of the sender and the customer, the amount and the status of the payment, whether it is sent or is still pending. From the same page, a Reminder can be sent to the buyer if you don’t receive a payment and don’t want to let them know through an email, but as a payment reminder.

Paypal Request Details 5

Editing the money request: This is possible, but only when the status of the payment is pending and the client has not yet sent the payment. If the payment is already sent, you cannot change any details. While editing, changes can be made to the amount and currency, while the Subject and Note would be sent over again to the recipient.

Paypal Payment Request Edit 6

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