Review: Cyberduck – FTP client for mac

cyberduck ftp clientThis is a review of Cyberduck mac application for File transfer protocol etc. for webmasters to connect to the web servers and transfer files etc. Cyberduck is a FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X. The best software so far i found for file transfer, and communication with the website server apart from many other secured features.

Earlier i had written article on how to install ftp client for mac, which was typically for Cyberduck so you can try installing using that procedure.

cyberduck main

When you enter the ftp account credentials and login, the program automatically lists the files on the server, and the tools section in the Cyberduck lists all the options in the menu like –

  • Refreshing the files list
  • Uploading the files to server
  • Synchronizing the computer and web server directories
  • New folder/file creation in the list of folders
  • Copy URL or create new URL, also bookmark adding and managing options

cyberduck general options

You can hit the option of Upload and the directory opens a window to select the files to upload. It can be a single or multiple file upload. Also there is an drag and drop option, with which you can drag files from your computer and drop into the client directory and the upload starts.

cyberduck tools upload

cyberduck file select

The upload is shown in a separate window and the progress is shown very well in a dialog box, the couple pics below would explain it better –

cyberduck upload file cyberduck upload complete

The uploaded file or folder, has got many options to modify the file. Like renaming it, info about the file, deleting the file, copying the file, create a duplicate file of the present one. Also you can create an archive of the file upload.

cyberduck file options

Like any other FTP client, you can edit the permissions of the file to make it visible/hidden to public and other permissions too. The same area also shows the data about the file whose permissions are being edited, distribution info and also you can calculate the size of the file after some editing is done.

cyberduck file permissions

There are several other features, options available in Cyberduck app, some like using keychain for the password record, options for FTP, SFTP, S3, Bandwidth management, Connection settings.
You can download Cyberduck from here.


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