Review: Tap to Chat – Google Talk Client – iOS App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Tap to Chat is an excellent free Application for the iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and the iPod Touch where it does the good job of a client for the Google Talk service. It looks pretty neat, solid and intuitive with the large areas and sections of chat fitting well into the large screens of the iPad and iPad Mini, but it doesn’t change much in the smaller screens of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The app is available for free from the Apple App Store, and it comes with several features, majority of which are available in the Pro version for which you would need to pay, but the free app isn’t bad at all and would do all the basic job that you wanted it to do. It welcomes you with the all Web 2.0 type of app page and once you enter the login details, it would connect and start sorting out the various contacts.

Tap to Chat iPad App Home Tap to Chat iPad App Connecting

The contacts are quite large, and it wouldn’t be hard to search as the contacts are all listed alphabetically, and based on the activity, whether they are online, idle, busy or offline – just like what you see on the standard Google Talk. Tapping on the contact opens a separate chat page.

Tap to Chat iPad App Contacts  Tap to Chat iPad App Contact List

Google Talk Chat page: The chat page is all open, with a large space occupying several lines for the chat, and one can even send attachments from the same place. Tapping on the contact would show all the details, including the Contact name which can be renamed, and the option to remove the contact from the friends list. There are several smileys to select from, while typing in the chat and from the same chat page itself one can select to clear the conversation, which although may not get deleted from the chat history.

Tap to Chat iPad App Smileys  Tap to Chat iPad App Contact

Tap to Chat iPad App Chat  Tap to Chat iPad App Delete

The Tap to Chat app has got a pro version too, and this pro version can be directly clicked from within the app itself which would redirect them to the play store, only if the user wishes to have more features than what are provided, and the other main purposed, which can be checked below:

Tap to Chat Pro Version Features:

  • Facebook, Google and MSN friends at one place, chatting at the same time
  • No ads anymore, as all ads are removed
  • Favorite contacts
  • Color schemes

The pro version of the app costs $4 or Rs. 220 on the Play Store.

Tap to Chat iPad App Extra  Tap to Chat iPad App Add Contact

The settings of google talk include the sorting out options, where the Sorting can be done by activity, and the other options include the Sound Effects, the Notification Bubbles, Background Alerts etc. The text can be made larger, and from a min. of 20pt text, it can be taken to 56pt text size.

Tap to Chat iPad App Font Size  Tap to Chat iPad App Settings

Download Tap to Chat Google Talk Client for iOS Devices

Apple App Store Link

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