Samsung Galaxy Tab launches on November 14th with Sprint

Ahead of other carriers, Sprint has declared the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy tab device, and the tablet device would be available for $399 with 2-year contract, and if you want to buy it at full retail without a contract, it would cost $599. This is lesser than the expected and rumored price of $799 full retail.

apple ipad

The android based 7-inch tablet device was unveiled in September at the IFA, Germany and its coming in with the latest android operating system version 2.2 i.e. Froyo. There were rumors about the 10-inch version of the tab too, but only the 7-inch model is coming out on November 14th through Sprint, as the other carriers have not announced any launches sooner or later. The Galaxy tab comes with the GPS functionality, 2 cameras (front and back), support for flash and the screen has HD-video functionality, with the screen resolution being 1024 x 768 pixels.

The pricing is surely a surprise and a happy news for U.S. subscribers as the pricing in UK had been rumored to around $1000, and the actual market price would be out when the competitor carriers AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile comment on it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad which I had compared some time back, was clear to the point that the Tab has many features that keeps itself ahead of the iPad, with the cameras, support for SIM, flash etc.


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