Save Apple Pages documents as Microsoft Word .Doc Format

Word LogoSeveral times in your MAC you would have wanted to save all the documents which you created in the Apple pages in the Microsoft Word .doc format. So let’s see today how you can save the documents in the .doc format which can be opened anywhere in almost any PC.

Procedure to save Apple pages in Microsoft Word .doc format:

  • First, you need to create or open a document as you normally you would in Apple Pages.

Apple Pages

  • Now, when you are ready to save it as a .doc file you will have to select the Share option from the Pages, menu bar, and then you will have to click on Export from the drop-down list as shown below.


  • Now, you need to select the Word section from the Export window as shown below and click on the Next option button to continue.

create word document

  • You can see below that in the Save As: space, you need to give the document any name and Then you need to navigate to the folder you want to save your document and click on the Export button.

save as

  • Now, the pages will “convert” your pages documents of which the format is .pages generally into a .doc format files with which this file can be opened in Microsoft Word and can be edited easily. Now just navigate to folder that you have opted to save the file in where you can see that the .doc format file is successfully created.


So, now you can see that the file have been successfully saved in the .doc format in the folder which you have selected in the last step. And also the Kind section of the preview pane indicates that it is a Microsoft Word 97 – 2004 document which can be opened not only the older version but also in all versions of Microsoft Word.

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