Save Apple Pages documents as PDF Files Format

pdf logoLast time we saw on how to save the Apple pages document in the .doc format and now let us see on how we can save the documents which you have created in Apple Pages application as PDF files.

Procedure to save pages documents as PDF files:

  • First of all you will need to create a document or open an existing document which you do normally while opening the Pages.

pages documents

  • Now, When you are done with the editing you need to save it as a PDF file by selecting Share option from the Pages menu bar as shown below, and then click on Export option from the drop-down list.


  • Now in the next pop up, you will have to select the PDF section in the Export window. If your Pages document contains some images then you will need to decide whether you want to save those images in PDF as Good, Better or in Best quality ones. If you have no images at all in your document, then you can select Good Image quality. If images are there and you want to save in best quality then choose Best in the image quality as shown below. Please note that when you choose to save the document with Best image quality then the overall file size will increase. So, now after selecting the image quality, proceed by selecting Next.

PDF type

  • Now, in the next window, in the Save As: field, give the document name of choice and then navigate to the folder you want to save your document to in PDF mode and then click on the Export button.

pages pdf

  • Now, after selection pages will now be converted into PDF format.

pages pdf

Now, this is it, you need to open the folder that you opted to save the file in the last step and the PDF file is created successfully.

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