Save Apple Pages documents in ePub Files Format

ePUB LogoNow after learning on how to save the Apple Pages into .doc and .pdf formats., continuing the series, let’s proceed and see now that how you can save documents which you have created in Apple Pages application as an e Pub file which can be then viewed very easily in your iPhone, iPod Touch or even in your iPad.  With a simple tutorial procedure we will see that how you can best format your documents so that they export as best as possible ePub files.

Procedure to save apple pages in ePub format:

  • First of all you will need to create or open an existing document as you normally would prefer to do in Apple Pages as shown in the screen shot below.

epub pages

  • Now, after you have finished creating the document you should review it to make sure that the styles adhere to the ePub Best Practices guide so that its best viewed in the Apple device after saving in the ePub format.

epub docu

  • After finishing creating the document, select Share option from the menu bar which is next to Windows option, then click on Export from the drop-down menu to proceed as shown below.


  • Now, you need to click on the ePub tab from the pop up and need to name your created ePub file with a Title, enter the Author name and select a Genre for your document of choice. If you would like, you can also use the first page of your ePub as the file cover. For doing this, you need to place a check in the box labeled Use first page as book cover image and then need to click on the Next tab to proceed.  Also note that, if you want to go back and wish to create a new fresh first page then click on the Cancel button and return to the document and then again create a new first page and start like above mentioned procedure.

ePub option

  • Now, enter the name you want to save your ePub file as in the Save As: field and navigate to the folder you want to save the file in, and then click the Export button as shown below.

epub document

  • And depending on how complex your document is, you will receive Document Warnings as shown below. These are very typically kind of errors or potential errors which generally occur during exporting or converting the document into an ePub file. Simply, double click an error or on the warning for more description on the same.

documents warnings

  • Now, you will often receive explanations as to how to resolve the problem one by one, as shown in the screen shot below.


  • As soon as you have resolved all the errors and the problems in the document, you can re export the document.

epub final document

Now, after successful solvation of all problems, you can now re export the documents and once you are happy with it then you can import the same to the iTunes for transferring the same to any of the iDevice like iPad, i Touch or even to your iPhone. So just by following some simple steps mentioned above you can simply save the Apple pages into ePub file format.

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  1. David Rhodes says:

    All the above seems relatively straightforward, however when I select export I get the PDF, Word, RTF and PLain Text options along the top but not the epub option. Any idea how to activate this?

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