How to Save Battery Life on iOS for iPhone

Smartphones are getting smarter, in terms of screen size and hardware. But however, modern day Smartphones sucks in one section, battery life !

Nowadays, most of the Smartphones out there comes with a 1500+ mAh¬†battery, which however barely lasts the Smartphone for just a single day. Similarly, we often hear lots of battery backup related issues from iPhone users. If you’re having an iPhone and if you’re in search of ways to increase your battery life, then below are some commonly used and effective ways to boost up the battery performance on your Apple iPhone.

iPhone battery

1. Switch Screen Brightness To “Auto Brightness”:

Your iPhone has a setting to change screen brightness to auto-brightness. In the auto-brightness mode, sensors embedded to your iPhone automatically senses outside light visibility and adjusts screen brightness accordingly. Thus, saving you time as you need not change screen brightness according to your outdoor conditions and also saves battery as the screen will use low power compared to manual setting.

You can toggle on Auto-Brightness on your iPhone by going through Settings>Brightness and Wallpapers> and toggling on the Auto-Brightness setting.

2. Switching 3G-4G Connection OFF:

The 3G-4G advanced connection on your iPhone uses up most of your battery. Indeed, the 3G setting alone must be the most battery hectic settings on your iPhone. Therefore it is highly recommended to use 3G-4G connectivity only when you’re using it and try switching to the GPRS connectivity mode when not using Mobile Data.

You can toggle Mobile connectivity settings on your iPhone by going through Settings>General>Cellular> and then switching your mobile data setting.

3. Clean Up Your iPhone:

There are many different apps that eat up a big slice of your iPhone’s battery backup. And the best way is to remove or delete un-used applications from your iPhone. This will save you some extra storage space and at the same time will save you battery as well. Because, most of the applications run in the background even if you’re not using it actively, consuming battery.¬†Also, you can also try deleting unused cache files.

4. Turn Off WIFI And Bluetooth When Not On Use:

The next major section, that eats up battery on your iPhone is the WIFI and Bluetooth sections respectively. There is no doubt that we use WIFI and Bluetooth regularly. And these are two of the main battery monsters on your iPhone. Switching WIFI ON when not on use can empty your battery backup twice faster. Similarly, Bluetooth also contributes in finishing up your preserved battery backup.

You can toggle OFF WIFI and Bluetooth by going through Settings>WIFI> toggle it OFF. Similarly, Settings>Bluetooth>OFF.

5. End Apps Running In The Background:

end background process iPhone

The “Home” button on your iPhone might help you to switch between apps. But however, doing so won’t end your previously used app. Instead, you need to separately end up each application after you finish up using the application. Doing so can help in saving up RAM and Battery on your iPhone.

You can end background apps by double-clicking the “Home” button.

Final Words:

Finally, that was some most effective and most commonly used ways to improve battery performance on an iPhone. If you liked this article, do share it and do share your thoughts as comments below.

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