How to scan and clean Mac hard drive?

Mac is always faster than Windows, and the main advantage being least number of viruses that actually tend to make Windows slower by corrupting files, or playing with the admin settings in Windows operating system.

But still, any operating system has the problem of unnecessary files such as temporary files, saved web pages to remember the used passwords or form fields, which in turn eats up space internally in the hard drive and makes it slower as the time progresses.
In windows, there is a Disk cleanup utility, which does the job of cleaning those temporary files but Mac is deficient of any such tool.

maccleanerOne of the similar utilities for Mac OS X is MacCleaner which helps to keep your Mac hard drive clean and removes the temporary files which might be created when you were installing or uninstalling any application, or the saved pages which were created when you saved any passwords, and the saved cookies.

Here is how MacCleaner is useful for –

  • Cleans the hard drive
  • Saves your privacy
  • Prevents your mac from getting hacked and cookies being stolen
  • Increase free space in your mac
  • Speeds up your mac
  • Deletes browsing history and erases tracks of your online activity

MacCleaner requires Mac OS X version 10.4 “Tiger” or Mac OS X version 10.5 “Leopard”. And this app currently supports only English language.

Note: Once you have deleted any temporary or unnecessary files through maccleaner, there is no way to restore those files, so be careful before you delete them and read the manual once which comes with the downloaded files.

The MacCleaner app is available for free for those who register to the forum.
Check and download MacCleaner from

I would soon upload few pictures and tutorial on how to use MacCleaner.


  1. Hey thanks for this… My mac has been a little slow recently so I think I will head over and give this a try.



  2. Most of the people I know who own Macs bought them so that they wouldn’t have to think about things like this (aka. computer illiterate).

    I guess I’ll run it for them.

  3. That is a good tool, and moreover it is free.
    Cleaning files in windows is known to every person who uses computers and heard of the word Disk Cleanup.

    But in mac, you are true that there is no good internal tool, so thanks for the help.

  4. mate, its not even free. got to pay for it if over 500MB

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