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twuffer logoScheduling tweets for future is useful when you have something important to tweet later on during the day and you are not going to be online that time, but want your followers to get that tweet from you.
And for scheduling tweets, there are many tools that help you with the same but one of the easiest in them has been Twuffer! I’m writing this for a few friends who are into a social cause and needed to schedule their tweets. So here it is –

Login to the website using your twitter credentials(the site is not reported as spammy as yet so I chose to share about this site), and in the dashboard you have the option to schedule a tweet.

You just need to enter the tweet text, not to exceed 140 characters. Although if its a long URL you are including, don’t worry if it crosses the limit, as Twitter would automatically shorten the URL.
Set the time for scheduling the tweet. And then hit “Set Status”, you are done with the scheduling.
schedule tweets twuffer

You will see the tweet in the list of Queued tweets.

twuffer scheduled tweets

Also, do check that the site has confirmed your time zone correctly, if not, then go to Settings section and set the time zone, the time and date format and select whether you wish twuffer to show your tweets on their homepage or not.

twuffer settings

– There are more than 10 more tools for scheduling tweets but for the fastest and easiest way to do that, Twuffer is the best.


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