Secure Browser for Kids – Access to Authorized Webpages

These days parents are moving much more faster in spending money and offering their kids with computers even when they are just 5 years of age and when money is not a issue, they directly opt for MAC based computers because these are not just powerful, beautiful but also are value for money. Hence its important to not offer complete internet access and also make sure that Parental Controls for MAC are assigned.

There are chances that even after setting these up Kids may be by mistake through their friends visit some adult or mature content which is not a recommended idea. One of the best available option for you would be to Install a Kids Browser which would offers kids with fantastic options and parents with better security and tension free life.

Named as Giddy Up which is a advanced version of KidsBrowser and CutX both merged up into a excellent application for Mac. The application is a secured web browser with restricted access to websites, the system settings and download of files from the Internet. The browser is based on the Safari browsers Engine called as WebKit which offers children with multiple options along with features.

The application is a paid one with a limited period free version available but there is also a free upgrade available for the previous paid customers of KidsBrowser. Below are few screenshots of this browser which can give you a clear picture on the features of this browser.

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