How to securely delete files in Mac

David asks:

I am always tired to sending files to my mac trash, to delete them securely. Can’t i do that directly without involving the trash?

Mac OS after the 10.3 version has given the option to delete trash files securely but there is no option to delete any file directly and securely from their place, unless they are sent to the trash.

To securely delete files in Mac, you need to download this very nice and small app called Permanent Eraser. Although a small program, its strong enough to remove any file from the core, and forcefully deletes the file, crumbles it totally and truncates the file size to zero and then throws it out.
Then there is nothing related to that file left in your mac, even in trash too as the deleted file is not sent to the trash.

permanent eraser mac

But to use it, you should be running Mac Leopard 10.2 or later and should be knowing which file you are deleting, because once its deleted, there is no way you can recover it unless you try using any other 3rd party app to recover the deleted files.

Its a 435 kb program which can be downloaded from here.


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