How to securely use the Facebook login page

Facebook login phishing problems have been there since long time, and hackers have always found it easy to fool people around by providing a look alike page of the facebook login page, and once the user enters the login details, its stolen and the account is hacked.

They provide the wrong address of facebook login through emails or any web addresses that they own, and also use some of the blackhat SEO techniques to bring their web pages on the top in search engines, and when something related to facebook is searched, the user unluckily lands to the phishing facebook login page and risks his/her account.

Here are a few tips for users to keep themselves safe while logging into facebook –

  • It would be better if you keep all the links of facebook and other social networks bookmarked, rather than going and searching or clicking on pics in mails etc.
  • Links in emails are usually suspicious. Emails would be sent from addresses like etc. which actually are nowhere related to the original facebook website. So better check if the mail is legitimate or not, before clicking on any link.
  • First make sure that the page is secured, only then you have to share your login information.
  • Keep your PC gateway safe by installing the antimalware and antispyware security softwares.
  • Keep a track of your credit card and bank account details, if at all you have shared that information to go with facebook advertising.
  • Back up your data frequently, as although you might take all the precautions, still might risk the account anytime.

These above tips would keep you well safe, but nothing is guaranteed. So keep changing your password, and also be alert. Follow these facebook login tips, and also learn about Facebook 0.

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