Security features in Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro

Apple has always been coming up with great changes and work with better security in their macbooks and other products, showing that apple products are the most secured and safest to use. Lately apple has come up with 300 new and advanced features in the latest released products and this include more security features.

Here are the various measures taken by Apple Inc. to improve the security levels in Macbook and Macbook Pro

apple security1. Application-Based Firewall – There are built-in features of firewall, which automatically detect any incoming connections and judges whether or not to connect to it. Also it allows specific applications to connect to the incoming connections.

2. Downloaded Applications are tagged – The mac OS tries to store and let us know all kind of information of a downloaded application. We are warned if the downloaded application has any threat for the macbook. Information like when it was downloaded, from where it was downloaded etc. is shown so that we can be sure that its a genuine application and not any hurting threat.

3. Sandboxing features – Sandboxing is a function by which the applications can remain hack free. Restriction is placed on access of applications, network access on hijacking applications. Certain important applications of mac such as Bonjour, Quick Look, and the Spotlight indexer are sandboxed so that hijacking is not possible on these.

4. Multiple User Certificates – With support for multiple user certificates, you can use the Keychain application to associate your certificates with various email addresses.

5. Applications are signed – A digital signature on an application verifies its identity and ensures its integrity. All applications shipped with Leopard are signed by Apple, and third-party software developers can also sign their applications.

So isn’t Mac becoming safer?

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