[How-to] Send Photos / Videos via Mail App in your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The various iOS devices like the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the iPad Mini didn’t earlier have an option of attaching photo and video files directly from within the Mail app, but now with the Apple iOS 6 and later versions have got the same option, where within the compose area you can send the photo or video attachments using the Apple Gallery or Photo Roll.

Here is how you can attach the photos / videos through the Mail application in your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Open the Mail app, and hit the Compose icon that lies on the right top corner of the app. In the compose page, below the Subject line, the area where you insert the main content of the mail, you need to long press the area so that a list of options is shown. In that, you need to select “Insert Photo / Video”

iOS Insert Photo or Video

Once you select that option, there is a small popup that appears directly in the mail and you would be asked whether to select the photo from the Camera Roll or from the entire Photo Stream of your iOS device. You need to select one of the options, and within the gallery of images, you need to select the photo you wanted to attach.

iOS Attach Photo from Camera Roll Photo Stream iOS Attach Photo from Photo Stream

Once the photo is selected, and you hit the option “Use”, the photo gets attached in the mail and you can now send it with the attached photo in it. The same applies for the video and if you have any videos in your camera roll, it can be attached in the same way directly from the mail app.

iOS Attached File

Using the above trick, you can attach just a single file at one time, and this could be a time wasting feature when you have to attach multiple photos or videos in a single mail. If you wanted to attach multiple photos in a single mail, it is better to go to the camera roll and then select multiple photos and copy them from there, come back to the Mail app and in the compose area, hit Paste so that all the copied photos are now attached in the mail. That is also an easy way, but that would want you to go out of the Mail app to select the multiple files that you wanted to send.

The above tutorial works for all the iOS devices which have the iOS 6 and later versions, i.e. iOS 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 versions which have got the new feature of attaching the photos and videos directly from the mail compose area.

Note: The above tutorial was explained by attaching the photos in the Apple iPad Mini with the iOS 6.0.2 operating system in it.


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