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Sharing files on twitter can be done with many options like twitpic for images, vidly for videos and twitdoc for documents, but I came across an awesome site which is worth mentioning and using to share files on twitter, its FileSocial.

filesocial logoFileSocial is the easiest way to share files on Twitter. You can upload any type of file you like, from images to videos or pdf. It can handle files of up to 50MB. And FileSocial is a free service.

Files that can be uploaded and shared are – Images, compressed files, videos, music, etc. In other words, file extensions like pdf, jpg, doc, ppt, zip, rar, mov, avi and mp3, amongst many others.
If you have ever tried sites like twitpic, you won’t see much difference in Filesocial as everything is very easy in it to use, upload or share any file through it. Here is an example of how a file is uploaded and shared on twitter –

You need to log in but its the oauth method which helps you stay securely logged in, and you are not giving away your credentials. Once you login, you can view the box to upload the file and enter the text to post on twitter –
filesocial file upload

The upload then starts and you will see a progress bar showing the status of the upload.
filesocial uploading

Then the file is uploaded and when done, filesocial sends a tweet through your account with the text you wanted to be tweeted. The amazing feature of filesocial is that it can help you play the mp3 or video files within the site itself.
filesocial file

Check out FileSocial at
Also there is a filesocial uploader which can help you upload the files right from your desktop in any platform like Windows and Mac, as its in Adobe AIR app.

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  1. One of the best things with Filesocial is the 50MB file size option. And the media player integrated in the website is an added good feature, where before downloading a media file like an mp3, you can actually play the song there itself.

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