Share mp3 on twitter with videos –

Social networking with twitter and other networks includes making friends, chatting and sending messages, sharing various things like articles, pictures and also music. Music sharing through twitter is already possible through various music streaming sites, but this is the most simplest way to do so –

swg is a very simple service which helps you share music with your friends on twitter by just tweeting about the favorite song.
You just have to do the following to play your favorite song and share it on twitter –

  • Insert your twitter’s username
  • Insert the name of the artist
  • Add the songname
  • Send and Tweet now

In the tweet a tiny link is given to the song which plays along with the video if available on youtube. I tried playing a few famous tracks of Akon, Linkin Park etc. and they all played with the videos.
Here is a video and song being played which i had tweeted about and shared with my friends.

swg play song is a normal music playing site, and is a twitter version of it. You can go to the music sharing site by going here –!

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