Make an Extra Income by Sharing your Captured Photographs – Clashot iPhone App

Clashot IconCapturing pictures as a hobby does bring you a good feeling when you get to capture some of the best moments, but when you are paid something for that and you sell your photos, that”s an added sweet advantage. The Clashot app does the same, by giving the users an option to upload their best captures from their iPhone and share them with the world, and if people like it and want to purchase it, you get a share for it.

It”s not just about the earnings, but a way to get some good attention from the community which might like your captures and creativity, and rate your pictures apart from commenting on them with their views on it.

Let”s talk in deep about the various features of the Clashot App for the iPhone. (Download the App – App Store Link)

Clashot App Features & Review

The app welcomes you with a teaser showing that you would make something out of it, and one would easily understand they are to upload photos to get some advantage from it. You just have to captures photos from your iPhone, edit them to bring out some effects using some good apps and then upload them to your Clashot library and start making money from there.

This doesn”t limit itself to the iPhone captures, but if you are a professional photographer you can shift them to your iPhone through the computer (that for sure is nothing hard) and that would make some better sales, than the normal photographs.

Clashot App Signup Clashot App Intro

Below are the several categories in which the photos can be viewed, and also where the user can upload the pictures and start earning when people buy them.

Clashot Categories

There are online casino canada best pictures from all the categories, from specific categories and the listing of the pictures is even based on the different aspects like – From the people following, the Favorites, the Latest and from your own reports. The best authors are listed at a place and one can follow them to explore the best captured photos, thus making this not just an uploader”s resource, but a good one for the people who wanted to find some good captures from different people.

Clashot Best Pictures Clashot Best Authors

Clashot View Types Clashot Upload

The settings would let the user allow sending files either through the mobile network or only through the Wi-Fi, Allowing sales of their photos and getting notified about it and all this is done through the reports that are created for the uploaded photos.

Clashot Settings Clashot Reports

The user profile looks pretty good and informative, although it isn”t easy to fit everything in to make them appear on the small iPhone screen. You see the user profile picture, number of reports and photos for sale, following / follower count and the registration date, and the different photos uploaded by them are available for preview in different categories.

Clashot Profile Clashot Photographer Profile

Every picture that is shown in the app has got several options, where the users can rate it, post comments, share it with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers and the photo would give a lot of details such as the time of upload, place where it was captured, category and the number of views.

Clashot Photo

The app is available for free through the Apple iTunes Store and this project being from one of the reputed online brands, Depositphotos, is a trustworthy app one can use and try to flaunt their skills, and make an income out of it.

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