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Image viewing in Mac OS X is usually done with the Preview app that comes by default and it works fine for viewing images and zooming in/out etc. but many features which we need, like a perfect slide show, rotation of images etc. is not possible through Preview. And having a heavy alternative is not advised, so Phoenix Slides app is the best you need.

Phoenix Slides is a fast full-screen slideshow program/image browser, for flipping through folders or disks full of images. Phoenix Slides also does lossless JPEG transformations and can display EXIF data. Here is an example of a folder under which all the images are being displayed together –

phoenix slides

Some of the best features of this lightweight slide show/ image viewer are –

  • Fast (pre-cached) full-screen slideshows
  • Rotate the images clockwise, anti-clockwise or upside down in the slide show
  • fast JPEG thumbnails (uses Epeg)
  • lossless JPEG rotation
  • view EXIF data, JPEG comments
  • Drag and drop options for viewing and adding images
  • search subfolders (recursively) for images
  • move files to trash, set image as desktop

You can rotate the image left, right, or 180 degree, flip horizontal or vertical, and also many other advanced options to customize the slide show viewing your way.

phoenix slide options

The preferences of Phoenix Slides have some options like specifying the folder to open during startup of the app, set up the background color and width of the thumbnails in the list of images. Also you can set options for the slideshow, auto-advance of images every X seconds, scaling up of small images etc.

phoenix slide preferences

phoenix slide show preferences slide show

The Phoenix Slides is a light weight tool with some excellent features, and can replace Preview in some good instances for Mac OS X. Download the app from the following places –
Download Link 1
Download Link 2

App website


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