Slotomania App Review: Free Fun Slot Games Can be Nowhere Else

Slotomania is a cool social slot machine game which you can play without the fear of losing real money. Playing Slotomania gives you the feeling and experience of playing real slot machine at a casino, you get some virtual currency to start with and then you can put them on line in the quest of earning some more. The flashy and colorful visuals of this virtual slot game will keep you mind active and entertained.

Slotomania is the best slot machine game available in the app store, it provides the best Vegas casino experience with great graphics and real like sound effects. The graphics and sound effects combo is so good that you imagine yourself seated in a posh Las Vegas casino, playing Slot machine.


  • Top graphics and colorful visuals make this game attractive. Watching the animations and visuals just cheers you up and you forget everything.
  • Over 20 different video slot games available, you never get bored as there are plenty of different games to try. Not only that the bonus games get updated every now and then and all-the-time you have new consoles to try.
  • Sound effects are like icing on the cake, they are so realistic and vibrant that you get lost into the game. I suggest using a good pair of earphones or headphones while playing this game for getting the best sound effects.
  • Pretty much self-explanatory, you don’t need to mug up instructions or anything, you’ll get it on your own after a few tries.
  • Free of cost. Slotomania is available for iOS devices for Free, you can go ahead and download it on your device.
  • You can connect Slotomania socially and play with your friends, compare money / points etc. The fun just increases when you play with your friends.


How Slotomania Works?

The games experience is same like regular slot machines, you choose the game, place your bet amount (virtual coins), then you pull the trigger and see it spin. Once the spin finishes, you’ll come to know if you won or lost. If you get three same pictures then you won, if they are different then you lost, you can try again. If you wanted to give a hand at casino online, here’s the online casino tips that you should follow.

When beginning, you must stick to small bets and work yourself up, see if luck is with you or not. You can earn more virtual money by winning bets and games but if you run out of everything, you can even purchase virtual money by paying real money, just try the In-App purchases section for buying virtual coins. I strongly recommend using the virtual coins only and earning only by winning bets, don’t let yourself lose control and spend all your money buying coins. Once you start with the app for free video slots games, it becomes very easy.

Mini-Games & New Slot Machines

There are around 20 other mini games which you can play and there are also new slot machines which you can unlock as you progress in the game. As you progress, the urge of winning more and more money will be on high-level.


Overall it is a highly addictive game and will bring hours of fun and entertainment with it. This game is not for teenagers, at least you must be mature enough to understand the Side-effects and gambling addiction which you can get by playing this game.

Though you will be using virtual money but if you went out-of-control, you can get a serious addiction. Slotomania is a cool and colorful game, if you play it with good spirit then it is nothing more than healthy gambling, as long as you are only using virtual money and not the real one. So this was it, you can go ahead and download Slotomania from app store and enjoy.

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