Which Smartphone to buy? Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One or the next Google Nexus?

There’s another recent flurry of Smartphones, and majority of them with the Android OS! When a mobile phone user thinks of buying a high-end smartphone, imagine how hard would it be for him to select one when he has finally decided to spend the hard-earned money on a good device but cannot easily select one because of the fierce competition.
This year, we’ve already seen high-end feature Android Smartphones from Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG and other manufacturers as well. But there are only three high end smartphones which have tasted the success – HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 HTC One

All the three smartphones operate on the most popular smartphone operating system i.e. Android (Jelly Bean version).

The Xperia Z didn’t have many features to talk about, except the waterproofing to the exterior, but HTC One and Galaxy S4 are better with some intuitive features. So for a buyer, two smartphones would fight out to be the ultimate choice: HTC One and Galaxy S4. But now, which one to finally choose?

Before we start comparing, let’s have a spoiler here. We have to mention about the official phone from Google which comes with the Android stock ROM, and the device which is the most compatible to everything, and gets the updates at the earliest. These are the Nexus devices, and Google is soon going to come with the Nexus 5 smartphone. Nexus 4 has been very popular due to its high end features, impressive design, Nexus brand tag on it and the stock android (Jelly Bean 4.2.2).

Google is soon going to host an event (Google I/O) in which it is expected to show the next version of Nexus i.e. either the Nexus 5 or an updated version of Nexus 4. No doubt, the next Nexus will be a superb one and it will compete with HTC One and Galaxy S4 for sure. Now, I’m not going to talk much about these things and directly jump into the comparisons.

Firstly, the Samsung Galaxy S4

The S4 didn’t impress the smartphone users with the design, as it held the same traditional Galaxy design. Samsung is trying to convince people by saying that S4 has a unique design but reality is something different. These days, if you’re buying a high end smartphone, then you must look to have luxurious design, right? But don’t expect S4 to give you that.

Coming to its features, it has got plenty of unique features and ofcourse, the fastest ever processor (eight core). If you wanted to buy a smartphone to give you a lot of time hassle-free continuous usage, then you would need such a processor, or else there’s no real need of the eight cores in the processor of a device held in hands.

The Smart features in the Galaxy S4 are really smart, and most of them are not seen in any other smartphone, but again if you are happy satifsying yourself with the features and not the design, then settling with the S4 would be a good choice, but if design is what you look for, move ahead and have a look at the HTC One, or wait for the Nexus 5 from Google, or introduce yourself to the amazing engineering from Apple, with the iPhone 5S in the pipeline.

Secondly, the HTC One

A unique and very impressive design, the Jelly Bean operating system, all high-end android smartphone features but not a good camera quality, at least with the specs when someone looks at the sheet. HTC One can be your luxurious looking smartphone which will provide you all the high end features but its rear camera quality is still in doubts, because of the Ultrapixel technology introduced by the manufacturers, which according to them provides more light while capturing but does it compete well enough with the 13MP shooter of the S4?

We didn’t test it out from our side, but there are reviews all around claiming that the camera captures of the Galaxy S4 are quite better than that of the HTC One. If that’s right, you have your choice for the purpose of buying.

In the end, Google’s very own Nexus!

Google will update its Nexus 4 very soon and will provide more internal storage options, as the current ones are available only with the fixed internal storage options and no storage expansion, and this was received quite negatively in the market.

Design is very iconic, built is impressive and device feels luxurious while holding, standard features are better than any other android smartphone because it has got Stock android (Jelly Bean 4.2.2), but the S4 has got something better with the big list of smart features.

Conclusion – Which smartphone to buy?

If you don’t think too much about design, then go for Galaxy S4. If you want luxurious and unique design (average quality camera sensor) then go for HTC One and if you want both better design and best camera quality bundled together, you can wait for a couple months before the final decision, as the next version of Nexus from Google is coming out soon.
We won’t be able to comment much about the battery life and the speed compared between the Nexus, S4 and HTC One, but if you are one of the businessmen looking for a genuinely good Android smartphone, look at the reasons for buying it, as these all devices have got something unique in them.

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