Social Networking

Social networking is basically making groups amongst us, and sharing things, thoughts etc. Social networking can be for anyone, a normal person who needs people for friendship and networking, and it can also be for business people.

Social networks are created and people share things in these networks rather than being alone and individual. This helps in benefiting each other.

Here are a few social networking websites where am a member and would like to network with my readers –

facebook networkingFacebook – A social networking website, mostly used by US people and around 100 million members registered>, a very sleek website and looks professional. You can check out my profile and add me as a friend here. Also, i was keen to have a group made by myself, so decided to open an Indian bloggers group, you can join that and participate in the discussions there.

linkedin business networkingLinkedIn – Another social networking website but strictly for business people. People of same business niche make connections and recommend each other if they like the services, and these recommendations can be used as testimonials, and used in a portfolio. It has structure unlike to the other networking websites. Check my profile and connect with me from the profile page itself.

twitter bloggersTwitter – A mico-blogging website where people post their latest updates, and is similar to a chat box where the whole group of your followers read your message and they reply if relevant. It is also helpful in getting traffic to your website.

Follow me on twitter and post your twitter profile here and i too would follow you 🙂

plurk Plurk is also a micro-blogging service like twitter, but with some cool features and Karma!
It takes similar small updates concept from Twitter, and adds a time zones and karma feature to show how active you are there.
Frankly speaking –
Plurk is better than Twitter in a case that multiple replies like mini-threads can be made and discussions can continue in the very simplest ways. And it is more easier for communication.

So, let’s network and build profiles 😀


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