Steve Ballmer crying Goodbye to Bill Gates

Bill Gates, one of the most inspiring person who went to great milestones and is one of the top billionaires in the world, decided to leave Microsoft and this presented a shock to the whole web world. Bill decided to work full time at “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” and still be a president at MS, not working full there though.

This decision gave an ultimate pressure on Microsoft as they were a bit low against Google’s rising speeds at the present time, and Bill leaving his responsibilities at this time is not a very wise thing, and Steve Ballmer would not have been in more pressure than this.
He surely have wishes to Bill from his heart while giving the final Bye to Bill at a press conference, and he praised him a lot, and could not stop himself crying while just seeing Bill Gates no more with Microsoft.

Check this video where the final send off to Bill is given by Steve Ballmer –

Do you think now companies like Apple and others have good chance to get their OS more preferred than Windows?


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