How to Store More Files in Dropbox Folder than the Allowed Maximum Space

Dropbox is a file synchronization and cloud storage service which is an amazing feature that is a gift of internet for us. I hope you already know that Dropbox is an automatic updater as it keeps all the track of changes that occur in a file. It also consists of an option that restores the previous version of any file.

This feature is specially made for those people who accidentally deleted their important files because Dropbox is the service where we can restore our deleted files. Those who deleted the file by mistake and really needed those files then, recoverable copy on Dropbox server will be the one and only option for them.


Dropbox Facilities:

The Dropbox FAQs states that the old version files and deleted files will only stay for 30days on the server.
From the available ratio, Dropbox eventually subtracts the size of deleted files. This will add up the additional space to the uploading space whereas the files are still stored in Dropbox server.
Even those who have enlarge number of deleted files to restore but stop themselves due to limited quota of an account. Then, it’s wonderful news to them as they can restore the deleted files beyond the allowed limits of an account.

Restoring the Files Deleted due to the Crossing of the Quota

  • Go to the Dropbox and log in to your account.
  • Click over the files option to see all the current files present on the Dropbox server.
  • Now, click the button named show deleted files or folders in the files button’s list. This will help you to see all the deleted files and folders on the server and you can recover the desired file of yours wish.

The files and folders those are deleted will appear in different outlook than others files. For example: the normal files will appear in yellow colour whereas deleted files will be in grey colour.

Uploading the Files onto Dropbox

You can as usually upload the files on the Dropbox. When you reach the limited quota of an account, the files will be deleted. But there is nothing to worry about; the files are still there on the server. You can upload more files and recover the deleted files later on. By doing this you can use space beyond the limit given to someone. This is not confirming that if there is any limit of recovering file or not. But yes, the above method will help you to restore the files and use more space than the provided space to you.

The main motto to use the Dropbox service is to have all the important deleted files with you. The two main things that you have to do are:

  • Delete files temporarily to reduce the storage quota
  • And restore the deleted files from the Dropbox server to use the extra space than the reserved quota of a single account

Dropbox Deleted Files

The two main disadvantage of Dropbox service are:

  • The new version of files will not be saved on Dropbox
  • The restored deleted files will not be synchronized

The main purpose of launching this service is that Dropbox service should help needy people out there, those who accidently deletes their files or folder and for those who run the shortage of memory for saving their files or folders. The most amazing thing of this service is that it is recoverable and also synchronizes all files but yes; always remember it will not synchronize the deleted file.


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