SuperDuper – Macbook application for OS X backup

Ever saw your Macintosh crashing down? or is giving some clicking noise?
That surely might be due to some overload, or some new drivers that could not adjust properly into your present system.
It sucks if a Macbook stucks or crashes down, as most of the times it is seen working perfectly and we never care about what is going to happen, so we most of the times, forget to backup our work and files that we have been working on.
So learn the words “Prevention is better than cure!”, obviously there is no way to prevent crashes but you atleast have the way through which you can recover very easily.

Its SuperDuper Macbook Application, which creates fully bootable backup of our Macintosh drive, and its built-in scheduler makes it trivial to back up automatically, lessening our burden of manual backup everytime. Its the most advanced and easy to work macbook application to make clones of the disk we are using. A boot drive can be easily cloned to another drive or image file.
The backing up process takes just a few minutes to clone thousands of megabytes of data in the boot drive.

superduper macbook application

There is a free version of SuperDuper available, or the full version costs $27.95. Download the free version from here.

superduper general options


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