Switch your mac into a dark night mode – Nocturne

Mac allows you to invert colors when you need it, through its system preferences and some keyboard shortcuts, but sometimes you wish to have more options than it provides. The mac application Nocturne helps you in customizing it and making your mac screen more darker and vibrant than normal.

Here are a few features –
Color correction in inverted and monochrome modes – you can correct hues when inverted and won’t lose a channel when using tinted monochrome.
Window shadow toggling – if glowing windows aren’t your thing.
Background removal – hide the desktop picture so you don’t see an inverted version.

The application is easy to install and use, and you can turn it off by hitting the bright icon that appears on the top menu bar only when the app is open and active.
The look provided is tanned, glossy and vibrant and it gives nothing more than a new feeling of the interface for some time until you get bored of it.

The app gives you an option to cancel any color change of the desktop or any other app running in the background, as the color changes are sometimes unmatched with the background colors and look bad.

Download the Nocturne app from here.
App Site


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