How to sync address books across multiple Mac OS X laptops

address-o-syncAddress book contacts can be synced with the web, and to Google contacts but its possible to sync the whole address books across several macbooks that you might be running in a network. It can be done through an application called Address-o-sync.

If you are running on Mac OS X 10.3 or later, the macs will recognize other macs automatically and the address-o-sync will help in an easier way. It is possible to share only certain groups created in the Address Book, that means you are able to choose which group of contacts (e.g. company) will be shared and which should not be accessible. (e.g. private)
To prevent that every person in your network can get your Address Book contacts you will be asked to determine a password that people will need to get access to your Address Book.

address-o-sync start

Here are a few features –

  • Find the same address books across all macs with this sync feature
  • Not all, but just the new or different address book entries will be synced
  • Option to share particular contact groups, or the entire address books
  • If contact has multiple entries, you can choose to update old entries or remove any
  • Groups of contacts are password protected

address book sync list address book sync settings

You need the connection through Ethernet or AirPort, and you need to be using Apple Address Book 3.1 or better, in Mac OS X 10.3 or later. Here are a few tips on getting started with the sync app for mac address books.

You can download the address-o-sync from here or here.
Check app site.

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