How to sync bookmarks in Google chrome beta for Mac OS

google chromeThe Google chrome beta for mac newer version just got released with a few features, that everyone was waiting for. A couple of them include the extensions, and the syncing of bookmarks between the browser and the Google account.

Those of you who use several computers will now be able to keep your bookmarks synchronized between them. And with users who have multiple laptops, or computers which are not mac, still the Google chrome beta new version would help you sync the bookmarks across all of them. Here is how you can sync the bookmarks using your Google account –

Go to the Google Chrome options menu on the top left section, and hit “Synchronize my Bookmarks..”
chrome sync bookmarks

You will be asked to login to your google account –
chrome sync bookmarks login

Once you login, the syncing of your Google account and Google chrome browser is done. You will see this message –
Your bookmarks are now synced to Google Docs! To merge and sync your bookmarks to Chrome on another computer, just repeat the same setup process on that computer.
google chrome bookmarks synced

This syncing has to be done in similar way through all the computers that you use, and they all linked through single google account of yours, will help in having the same bookmarks in everyone of them.

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  1. A good tool to use in the computers in a particular company office, where a set of URLs have to be bookmarked and shared in all the PCs. This feature is seen in the Mac but does it show in Windows? I’m not sure about that, and I guess there isn’t any such option for Windows chrome.

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