How to sync firefox bookmarks & passwords across multiple computers

foxmarks logoWhen you are working at a company or own one, the multiple computers in there might need the same websites which you want to open regularly or want your employees to do, but you won’t like to work hard to add the same websites separately to the bookmarks folder of every computer. Syncing everything would be a better option with which there would be no difficulty to access the bookmarks.

Not only the bookmarks, but the firefox add-on named Foxmarks syncs the passwords across multiple computers. Here are a few features of the Foxmarks firefox add-on –

  • Foxmarks backs up your bookmarks every time you make changes. View and restore your old bookmarks on our web site.
  • If you are away from your computer and are at a friend’s place, you can save the bookmarks to the Foxmarks website and the syncing program automatically adds the bookmark to your computer.
  • If you like to share your bookmarks with others, the sharing server of Foxmarks helps you in doing so.
  • You can view the foxmarks bookmarks folder through your mobile phone by accessing the foxmarks mobile version.
  • The bookmarks can be imported or exported from website to the computers.

This add-on can be download from the add-on library here.


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