How to Sync Lightroom Across all MACs with Dropbox for Mac

There are so many ways to sync your files and all these methods are displayed in the net when you search for them. Lightroom was always unique for each computer; you wouldn’t be able to access the Lightroom catalog on different computers. It doesn’t function like WordPress where one database can be accessed by many users at the same time. The Lightroom libraries are not located on network drives as they don’t allow more than one user to use the library at a time. There are some technical reasons behind this but the users were left unsatisfied with the action.

Sync Lightroom Dropbox Mac

Accessing RAW files unnecessarily

Many people work in the go so for them it is very important that they access the library from wherever they want. But due to the Lightroom lock control over the use of library has left many users bit annoyed. Every time they have to access the RAW files which are time consuming especially when they have to do so many works like culling, sorting, rating, key wording, tagging and lastly the captioning of the images. The RAW files are mostly required when you are doing the downright editing other than that RAW files are not required that much.

Dropbox – the best Solution

Dropbox has come as a boon to everybody as it provides the perfect solution to the problem. The main thing here is the Dropbox desktop client. It helps in creating a folder which will replicate in the web but will act as a local folder on the computer. It sounds complicated but it is not, it lets the Lightroom know that it is writing to a local folder. Therefore when it gets replicated to the web, Dropbox can get installed on other computer as well yet sync with the same account. You will now be able to access library on both the computers.

Setting up Dropbox

  • Sign up an account in
  • Download the apt desktop client
  • The desktop client will create a Dropbox folder wherever you like
  • After closing the Lightroom, you have to move into the Lightroom catalog to the location
  • If the Previews.Itdata folder and Lightroom Settings exist then you will have to move them as well

After moving these files replication will begin which might consume time depending on the size of the catalog.

Upgrading options if you want

Though your Dropbox comes with 2GB free space still you have the up gradation option and you will find various other services too with the equal amount of storage.

Various features of Dropbox

You will find the Journal and Lock files when you will open the catalog. If you open up the catalog in your desktop then it will not appear in your laptop so it is advisable that you close Lightroom if you want to use it on multiple systems. This particular setup will ensure that you can three copies of the catalog are made still to be on a safer side a regular backup is very important.


Now if you wish you can use the catalog in more than one system and access the images without any problem as such. Check out the various Mac guides section to learn on how to do a lot more in your Macbook.

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