The best iPhone apps to find different apps

Apples iTunes App store is a Sea full of Apps and when you want to go into the sea to search for an App it becomes pretty frustrating and difficult to find the correct app for your need with such a wide variety and so many features in each and every app. We finally end up downloading an App which we later realize that it does not fulfill our needs. So if we want to get our hands on the correct app for our need then we have to consult an expert or visit some Site which provides such information or we have some Apps which are specifically designed to help us to get our hands in the exact App which fulfills our needs.
So here is the List of some of the top apps which are useful to find the correct app for your needs:
  • Genius for apps
  • AppStart for iPad
  • AppShopper

Genius for Apps:

We can say that this the official Search Engine for Apps designed by Apple to browse through the Apps and find out which suites us the best. This App discovery system is a built in and comes with every iPhone and iPad This might not be the top mist fully featured and All in one store for all your needs but its a decent App Discovery system which is custom made by apple to help its customers with the find. To enable Genius for Apps on your iPhone or iPod touch:

  1. Tap App Store.
  2. Tap the Featured pane at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Genius tab near the top of the screen.
  4. Tap Turn on Genius.

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. After you agree Genius for Apps will enable. How to turn Off Genius in your iPhone or iPad:

  • You can turn off Genius for Apps from the Account page in the App Store.
  • To get to the Account page, scroll to the bottom of the App Store screen
  • Tap the button with your account name on it.
  • Once you turn off Genius for Apps, the App Store will no longer send information about the apps on your device to Apple.

If you used Genius for Apps on more than one device, you must turn off Genius for Apps from each device.

Appstart for iPad:

As the name suggests this App discovery system is designed for the proud new apple iPad owners, this app provides all the new iPad owners  with lists for the must have apps for starters and how to get started.  When you first click on the Appstart for iPad App in your Device screen you will be directed to the home screen which displays a Clean Grid of buttons which helps us to easily browse through the App. There are many Grids with buttons, where each clean Grid box which will lead to a mini guide for How to Use your iPad as an eReader, Home Theatre, Radio, Night Stand, magazine or a Social media hub. Within these Mini guides has given their own views on both Free and Paid Apps writing about what they think about certain Apps which will be useful to make your iPad experience worthwhile and as you are new to your iPad these tutorials are really helpfull to get to know each and every use of your iPad. This App has Categories which give us the lists of Free and Paid Apps which you must try. On clicking these Free or Paid Apps you will be directed to iTunes Store which will let you download the app immediately where you will have to pay fro the Paid apps and free apps need not be paid. Appstart can be downloaded directly from the iTune Store for $0.99. Appshopper: When you Tap on the AppShopper App in your iPhone it leads to the Appshopper homepage which has the following options in the lower border of your screen: Popular, Whats new, My Apps, Wish List and Search In each one of these you will be having the following:

  • Popular Apps: Overwhelmed by the App Store? Our list of Popular app changes lets you browse a list of only the apps that other AppShopper users think are worth looking at.
  • What’s New: Track all the latest changes to the App Store: price drops, updates, and new apps.
  • Wish List: Add any app to your own personal Wish List and get notified of price changes or updates by email. With Push Notifications, you can get the latest updates sent directly to your device.
  • My Apps: Keep track of the apps you already own. With Push Notifications, you can get the latest updates sent directly to your device.
  • Search: Lets you search the app of your choice in App store.

This App is a must have if you are confused in deciding what to download from the 300000 + Apps in the iTune Store, AppShopper can be downloaded from iTunes App Store. This App is Free and is categorized under Utilities in the Apple iTunes App Store.  148 apps which was launched when the iTunes Store came into existence is named so because 148 was the maximum number of applications that you could install at once on the iPhone before 3.0. which extended to 180 apps on your phone. But after the release of 4.0 iOs it has further increased. 148apps give you information on:

  • The latest apps int he market
  • Reviews of Apps
  • Price Drops which can be pretty helpful at times to save some money
  • Top 148 Apps in the iTunes App store

With a simple interface to deal with 148Apps is a good source for choosing which app you want to download.

This is the sibling of the which is The iPhone, iPod and iPad Blog giving the latest and very useful information about the Apple devices. is an app finder site which gives you a comprehensive insight into the app world with more than 350,000 apps in the iTunes Store To make life easy around the App world there are some options given in the header like

  • Home
  • My Profile
  • Categories
  • Find Apps
  • Find People
  • Invite Friends

And there are additional posts which give Recommended iPhone Apps, Featured Apps, Apps making the rounds, People making the rounds. When you select an app your like you will be directed to the iTunes App Store from where you can Download the App to your iTunes and transfer it to your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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