Tips on How to increase Nokia N97 Mini battery life

Long time back, I had shared a few tips on how to increase Nokia battery life, especially for the N-series phones, but the latest one, Nokia N97 mini was an exception there. Probably because I didn’t use it and then figured out that most of the people have complains about the battery life of Nokia N97 mini, than any other device.

In my review of Nokia N97 mini, I felt it was good enough to hold multiple applications running for few hours, like any other N-series device. But if the same continues for a few days, the battery would show the signs of getting weakened. The battery is BL-4D which is longer and thinner than BL-5C and other ones.

nokia n97 mini

I tried with a few tricks and then using the mobile, which surely helped with increasing the battery life of Nokia N97 Mini.

Theme – Limit it to phone memory

We use the themes very commonly to enhance the display of the phone screen and inner pages. And usually, the themes are downloaded in the memory card of the phone, and when in use, it keeps using the memory card. Its better to keep the themes (which are of small size usually) in the phone memory so that there is less battery usage while keeping the memory card activated.

Don’t keep switching the phone On/Off

We don’t easily call the smartphones like N97 Mini as Mini-computers. Switching them off or on, would eat up a lot of battery as every internal app and function has to stop running or start when you switch them off/on, so once you see the phone battery low, better to turn on the offline profile and activate the power saving mode. The phone is nearly off then.

Shut down background unnecessary apps

There are quite few apps like the Nokia Mail, Ovi maps which sometimes do not close down and keep running in the background, until you shut them down. Keep checking the open apps and shut those which you are not using. Sometimes even the Music app is kept opened but you are not playing the songs, but that would keep the memory card actively running.

Lessen the backlight time

There is a setting in Nokia phones to set the time until which the backlight is on. You can save the battery by reducing the time for which the backlight is on. Also, in the phone display settings, you can play with the Light sensor settings, which when not needed can save considerable amount of battery.

Change your WLAN settings

Wireless LAN internet is what you would be using to connect to the web, not always though. On-the-go wireless connection is not available always, and you would also be switching to the GPRS packet data or other options. So, its better not to keep the WLAN searching on for always. Just switch it on only when you need it.

Bluetooth when not used

Some leave their bluetooth on, and feel no need to switch bluetooth off. But that would just eat-up their battery, as when someone around you searches for the neighboring bluetooth devices, you get tracked too.

Offline mode only when music

When you are doing nothing, mostly when traveling, the best thing you would do is listening to music. During that time, better to change the profile to offline mode. That would keep the phone static and the searching of network is not done. That saves a lot of battery, and the life is extended.

Update the firmware of phone

This is always advised by Nokia. Keep checking for your phone’s software update and when there is some update available, do it. Older firmwares drain a lot of battery to keep up and work with the latest versions of apps.

These are the most basic and easy steps that can help a Nokia N97 mini user to save a lot of battery and, avoid draining. Share more in the comments.


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